Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome + Wanted

Heyllo, future representatives of Supercity, welcome to your new home. Supercity is going to be your number one source of almost all projects on Stardoll. And when I mean "almost all projects", I'm talking about the upcoming events happening in our sponsors' projects.
This is where you come in. Supercity is searching for sponsors- and lots of them. So just leave a comment below or just contact me (KCarmae).

Supercity is also looking for:
-reporters (they will help me present the upcoming events.)
-graphic designer

Just answer these questions:
Stardoll Name:
Blogger username (you'll need to be a follower to apply):
Position in which you want to be in:
Why do you want to join the Supercity team:
Samples (especially for graphic designers):

Note that I am not hiring writers because Supercity will not be a "FREE!" type of blog.(:
And don't worry, I'll be reading all of your comments, so you'll actually have a chance. :D

xxo Chelsea (KCarmae)